Ultimate Electronics - Bought a Sony TV from UE that is a lemon

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I bought a Sony TV from Ultimate Electronics in January 2006. We bought the floor model. I noticed one or two nicks on the panel and asked the salesperson if any damage had been done to the TV set. He said No.

Within 7 months there was a huge problem and Sony made us pay $90 for warranty work. There was "spark gap arcing and CH BD was replaced" - a very pricey part. Now the Sony TV's picture is skewed to the left. We can't read subtitles on the left side of the screen. Everything is tilted.

Today David Pierce, the general manager of the Col Spgs store, told me that we should have bought the store's extended warranty. I told him that obviously the TV had been damaged when it was sold to us.

He should have made it right by offering to take the faulty object back and offer a deal on another set (beyond the sale price).

UE will not survive if it treats it's customers this way.

What a horrible company!

Review about: Sony Wega Tv.



We bought a top-of-the-line, Sony.Complete with Boise System, Blu-Ray and Combination DVD-Player.

We are starting to have problems with over-heating and electrical damage to the added components.The tv is being recalled but what about the other accessories?

Yardley, Pennsylvania, United States #17210

Most manufactures only offer a one year warranty on most video products.Why are you pissed at the retailer, it's not like they build the stuff.

Did you honestly think that the tv would last forever? If a manufacturer built them to last 10 years, they would offer a 10 year warranty from the get go.

God people are ***!!!Next time you out-of-warranty car breaks down, take it back to the dealership and see if they will replace it you dumb ***!

Mount Vernon, Missouri, United States #4543

I bought this TV a little over a year ago.Started having problems with colors within the first two months.

I called about the extended warranty and they told me it was a part that cost $1800 just for the part. It took another four months but they finally fixed it. Then the set started going black. This time it was the bulb but the set was less than a year old.

The man who fixed it said the set was getting too hot it had melted a hole in the glass bulb. About six months later it happened again, this time they replaced another bulb and put in a new fan. They told me that three things in a row would qualify as a lemon and I could exchange sets. So I got all the paperwork together and took it to the store.

They said they couldn't do anything without the ok from corporate. So I called corporate and they were complete *** saying it had to be the same problem three times in a row and I should have called them first because now the set was working so there was nothing they could do. I only have one more month of warranty and I know I have a lemon.

I was intending to trade up but they won't make good on their policy.The store is Circuit City and my advise is to stay far away and not buy from these people.

Cloquet, Minnesota, United States #3734

you are a ***.you probably got the tv for a nice disount as a floor model and the tv probably never had any issues in the store.

any retail store would do the same thing. and more than likley they offered ya some kind of extended warrenty which you promptly said ill roll the dice or something clever like that.

well it came up snakeyes.

fyi new tv's have issues also.its your problem you put uncompromising faith the 4 little letters that say SONY.

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